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With a presence in America, Europe and Africa, Maplink develops solutions for customers around the world, with technologies that meet the specific needs of each company. With over 25 years of logistical expertise, Maplink has been able to innovate in order to offer solutions that can be integrated into the entire transport process, from raw material collection to express deliveries and on-demand in urban areas.

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Our history


Merger with ClubeDaEntrega, specialist in on-demand logistics and express deliveries. Development of Maplink Platform with the first APIs for routing and scheduling.


Merger with the French company Optilogistic, specialized in routing and scheduling


Launch of MinhasRotas [MyRoutes], a route optimization platform focused on reducing costs and calculating fuel and toll fees for operations with up to 15 vehicles.


Maplink expands its Google Maps operation to Latin America, establishing offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
Contribution of $ 36m by Movile, global leader in development of mobile content and trade platforms.


The company starts researching and developing special Distribution and Logistics algorithms.


In addition to the map database, Maplink starts licensing real-time traffic for Google.


Launching of the real-time traffic platform.


Maplink launches the first Brazilian map API and becomes Brazil’s first Exclusive Reseller of Google Maps.
The company becomes Google’s map database supplier.


Launching of RUM and RMT online routers.


During the “Internet bubble,” Maplink shifted its core business to corporate solutions by launching the Store Locator tool (which locates content near an address).


Maplink was created with the aim to become a location website benchmarking in MapQuest.

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