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The smarter way

A global reference in cloud Geolocation and Logistics, Maplink develops breakthrough technologies that create possibilities and lead companies to new directions worldwide.

Our solutions connect the physical and digital worlds, operating seamlessly and adapting to different business needs. That is what we call The Smarter Way.

A global company

With offices in the Americas, Europe and Africa, Maplink develops solutions targeted at customers worldwide, using technologies that meet the specific needs of each business.

25+ years of expertise in Logistics and Geolocation

We operate in three business units, reverberating throughout corporations of all sizes, industries and markets.

Google Cloud Premier Partner
#1 seller of Google Maps API in Latin America and ranked second in the Americas.

Leading provider of traffic information in Brazil

Maplink has been providing real-time traffic information throughout the Brazilian territory for over 16 years.

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Our history

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Maplink was created with the aim to become a location website benchmarking in MapQuest.


During the “Internet bubble,” Maplink shifted its core business to corporate solutions by launching the Store Locator tool (which locates content near an address).


Launching of RUM and RMT online routers.


Maplink launches the first Brazilian map API and becomes Brazil’s first Exclusive Reseller of Google Maps.

The company becomes Google’s map database supplier.


Launching of the real-time traffic platform.


In addition to the map database, Maplink starts licensing real-time traffic for Google.


The company starts researching and developing special Distribution and Logistics algorithms.


Maplink expands its Google Maps operation to Latin America, establishing offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Contribution of $ 36m by Movile, global leader in development of mobile content and trade platforms.


Launch of MinhasRotas [MyRoutes], a route optimization platform focused on reducing costs and calculating fuel and toll fees for operations with up to 15 vehicles.


Launch of Findrix for Business, a geolocation technology that maps consumers’ movement habits.

Maplink evolves to become a global company. With the acquisition of French Optilogistic, a benchmark in route optimization, the company expands its operations to the United States, Europe and Africa.

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