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End-to-end monitoring

Axiodis provides end-to-end visibility – from planning and decision making to final client delivery – and rapid response to changes in provision, supply, capacity and demand.



Reduced operational costs

Axiodis provides efficiency in logistics operation planning and management by focusing on resource optimization, such as the fleet, time and mileage, acting directly in operational cost reduction.

Efficiency and agility in day-to-day planning

With realistic route planning, viable hours and accommodation of the client’s time frame preferences, your operation attains an increasingly higher service level.

Improvement in service level and customer satisfaction

By automating day-to-day activities, you use your resources in a more strategic manner, focused on delivering more assertiveness in the execution and adding more value to the operation.

Expand the strategic vision

Promote greater assertiveness in strategic decision making by creating scenarios and distribution network designs, sizing the fleet, simulating logistics situations and investments.

Restrictions and regulations

Your transportation organization’s business restrictions and rules are fundamental elements to ensure optimized route planning, based on labor and transportation regulations.

Reduced environmental impact

Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by optimizing the routes and time and reducing the volume of vehicles used.

Logistical challenges your company may overcome with Axiodis

and main features

100% customizable and modular, Axiodis adapts to your commercial needs, as well as those of your organization and users via five modules.

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Data and restrictions

Axiodis considers logistics units (such as time and distance), transportation resources (such as trucks, drivers, trailers and suppliers) and product management (categories, packaging, products and incompatibilities).

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Efficient planning

Optimize and automatically or manually adjust transportation plans such as those for routes and chartering for bulk products or full loads in an interactive manner.

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Execution management

Perform intelligent management of the operations portfolio, automatically assigning its resources (such as trucks, drivers and trailers), monitor and manage route progress and conclusion. In addition, control, assess and perform financial analysis of routes traveled.

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Dynamic, real-time monitoring

Route optimization is performed immediately after the request is made, in addition to being automatically updated according to unforeseen scheduling changes.

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Economic management

Full visibility of your transportation processes from a financial point of view, creating and monitoring pre-billing with service providers and billing with third party companies.

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