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Google Maps APIs

Google Maps APIs

Revolutionize your applications by creating amazing maps and embedding them into your websites, apps and internal platforms.

Take your customers down new paths with the Google Maps APIs

Maplink has been the official distributor for Google Maps for over ten years, recognized by the seal of the highest level of performance and specialization in Google Maps APIs.

We are the largest Google Maps reseller in Latin America and among the largest in the world, with more than 15 years operating with Geolocation solutions and aggregating expertise in projects where we take care of each client’s specific needs for several different segments.

Google Cloud Partner Premiere
Google Maps APIs
Google Maps APIs

The world became digital. The mass adoption of mobile devices and Web services changed the market and consumer expectations forever. Strong brands engage their clients wherever they are and deliver an experience independent of online and offline borders.


Engage consumers wherever they are

When providing location information anytime and anywhere, you cause your users to share their location and create new opportunities for your business.

Promote innovation through Geolocation

Customers are becoming ever more mobile. Knowing exactly where they are allows you to deliver a personalized, creative and innovative brand experience.

Generate valuable data and create opportunities

Currently, more than 1 million sites and apps trust the Google Maps API to associate geographic data to their stores and their customers’ real-time location.

Make more assertive decisions

Bring to light unique perspectives with more context, viewing your data on a Google map and making your information tangible and profitable.

Create amazing apps

Build web and mobile apps that recognize locations, by embedding the world's most popular map. This means optimizing the experience, creating simple interfaces and projecting apps that automatically update and ensure trouble-free transactions.

Google Maps APIs Premium

By using Google Maps APIs together, you bring the best of the Google Maps license to everything that you create. With our Premium plan, a single license makes it easier to use APIs in an integrated manner, to therefore scale your business.

Bring the power of Google Maps into your business or organization.

Select your industry segment to learn about the solutions offered by Google Maps for your operational challenges. View the demos for specific industry segments and our customer testimonials to learn more.

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