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Connected, visible and efficient delivery management.

Maplink Urban Logistics connects in real time all parts of the operation: managers, consumers, operators and drivers. Our solution provides visibility to understand the bottlenecks of the operation and helps in taking actions to increase efficiency, save money and better serve the consumer.

Consumer expectations are high

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– Where are my deliverers right now?

– How can I keep my client informed about your order?

– Is it possible to reduce the cost of my operation without harming the delivery time?

– How can I improve the quality of my operation?

– My operation has problems? How can I find them?

Solution MULP


The best solution to optimize your on-demand deliveries

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Maplink Urban Logistics is the only tool on the market that has the capacity to handle the most complex urban operations. From food delivery operations you need without delivery in 30 minutes to more complex operations involving specific rules of your business.

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