On-demand deliveries

Maplink Urban Logistics has been developed to meet the new challenges of logistics and on-demand delivery.

Logistics and deliveries on-demand

Whether you’re thinking about new on-demand, express delivery or food delivery services, these new services that are flourishing are trying to bring a new solution to traditional home delivery. Their credo: quality and speed. The on-demand economy has emerged with services such as Uber, Lyft or AirBnb, advocating immediacy to provide transportation, housing, or a cooked meal. The traditional logistics environment is being upset by start-ups that specialize in last-mile delivery on demand. Our Maplink Urban Logistics solution helps you solve these problems.

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On-demand deliveries

The explosion of urban deliveries is a key issue today. That’s why, to facilitate this entire process, Maplink has developed a pioneering solution dedicated to on-demand deliveries. Whether your deliveries are done by scooter, truck or even bike, Maplink Urban Logistics will respond effectively to your needs.

Maplink Urban Logistics

Connect the entire operational process in real-time for urban areas. Our solution will help you improve your deliveries, the rendered service while reducing costs.

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